We made it through January and February with a few scratches but we've finally arrived in March, or as we like to call it: Crossbonemonth!

January saw the release of our first cassette release by means of the re-issue of Vacation "Candy Waves". We had a great time at the Fuck Kanker benefiet with a lot of our favourite bands and of course we thrashed De Witte Non during our very first edition of the free and sold-out Thrash Out Fest! We're already working on a second edition this Fall, so keep your eyes peeled! It's all very exciting! More info soon.

In February we got our distro and the webstore going again, and we're excited to announce we'll be tabling at the following events:
08 March 2015: Gouvernement Issues - Reproach, Go Hards, DRS, Imaginary Dictionary and Anxiety Attack (Crossbonefesters!) - www.facebook.com/events/787270088006855
13 March 2015: Brakrock Indoor - Red City Radio, Pears, Harsh Realms (Crossbonefesters!), Silver & Gold (last show of our good friends - we never got around to releasing that record did we? haha!), Break Of Day and The Dutch Rudders (Crossbonefesters and Lost Youth recs!) - www.facebook.com/events/729077357187757
20-21 March 2015: Crossbonefest!
So come meet us at the merch stand at any of these dates, talk to us, check our stuff and buy our stuff! CD's, tapes, vinyl, posters, patches, zines, stickers, buttons, etc!
We also saw our friends in Cheap Drugs release their debut LP (out on Hardware/In Dogs We Trust) at an amazing party in Music City. Best of luck to them and congratulations with the record!

Now it's March and we're working our butts off to get Crossbonefest ready. We wanna make this a party no one will forget - while most of you will probably won't remember much! Buy your tickets here and don't miss out! Dopamines, Mean Jeans, Dean Dirg, Swain, The Apers, River Jumpers, Toxic Shock, ... you know you wanna be there. Speaking of Toxic Shock, have you seen their new music video? Monday is fucking cancelled!
We got three new releases for you in March, all to be available for the first time at Crossbonefest!
- Sunpower "Last Rites" EP (yellow tape, hand-numbered /50 - 7" on Spastic Fantastic Records)
- The Dutch Rudders "On Verra" (black tape, hand-numbered /50 - cd/lp on Monster Zero Records)
- Top Bunk "Top Bunk" tape (grey tape, hand-numbered /50 - co-release with Dyslexic Werewolf Recrods/Wiener Records - 7" on Bloated Kat Records/Dyslexic Werewolf Recrods/Round Dog Records)
They're all coming up to rip your tape player apart. They all come with downloadcodes so they can also rip your computer, MP3-player or phones apart. However you like.

We've got some stuff in the pipeline but let's try and survive March first!

Thanks for the support

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It's February so here's another update from the Lost Youth Records base.

First of all, we've made a webstore, so it should be easier for you to order our releases without any actual direct communication. You click a few buttons and we send you the stuff. So if you're scared of mail-ordering or scared to buy something from us in person, head over to:
You can also order our releases through our e-mail or in person (at shows, or if you know us just ask us).

Secondly, as you will have seen in our webstore, we have the VACATION "Candy Waves" cassette on sale! It's €5, comes on red tape limited to 50 copies, and includes two exclusive bonustracks. That's pretty gnarly.

Thirdly, we are currently working hard on our next releases, SUNPOWER "Last Rites" and THE DUTCH RUDDERS "On Verra". Both cassettes are expected to be available around, if not at, Crossbonefest 2015. The Dutch Rudders have an official release party March 28th, and here's the event: www.facebook.com/events/614079778721814

Fourthly, we got a couple more releases in the works, which will be revealed later. For those who liked House Boat at Crossbonefest 2014 (or just in general), we can tell you we're working on those guys' new band, TOP BUNK. Have a first listen here!

Fifthly (okay now I'm going to far)... buy your CROSSBONEFEST tickets. It's prone to sell out, so be sure to grab your tickets in pre-sale. It's cheaper as well! Here is where you wanna be:

Thanks for hearing us out and for the on-going support!


It's 2015 and we have just discovered the Internet! It was about time we updated the web-diddley-site again. We've been sort of busy so here's what's going on in and around Lost Youth Records.

- We put out The Windowsill/The New Rochelles split 7", together with our friends Swamp Cabbage Records from Florida (US). It's really good and it looks neat! You can listen to it here! And you can buy it from us by e-mailing lostyouthrecords@gmail.com, contacting Karel Geuens or by finding us at shows! It's only €5, that's pretty rad!
- We completed the line-up for Crossbonefest 2015 and boy, is it good! You can check all the details at the website and buy tickets here!
- We put Belgium's finest hardcore punk bands on one bill in a small metal bar. Thrash Out Fest is January 24th. Bands playing are Sunpower, Reproach, Toxic Shock, Cheap Drugs, DRS and White Jazz. Alles kapot.
- We're a 'mainly tapes' label now.
- We're releasing Vacation "Candy Waves" on cassette tape here in Europe! It will be available very soon, let's say, next week! It's a great noisy punk record from Cincinatti, Ohio, ready to rip your soul to shreds. The tape contains two exclusive bonustracks. It's available on limited red tape for €5, through the same purchasing methods as described above! Listen to it here!
- We're extremely excited to announce that we will be releasing the Sunpower "Last Rites" EP and The Dutch Rudders' upcoming debut full length, both on tape. Listen to Sunpower's new song Another Rage here! The Dutch Rudders don't have a preview yet, but we can tell you it's gonna be a rager.

So here's what you can do now:
- Buy our records.
- Buy your Crossbonefest tickets.
- Tell you friends.
- Listen to punk.
Thanks for the support and the interest, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and the likes.

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